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Neck Pain

Your recurring neck pain has flared up again. Do you take pain pills? Do you use a hot pack? Or get a massage? The smart solution is to address the cause instead of the symptoms by seeking chiropractic care. Here's why you should…

Neck PainWhat's causing the pain? Neck pain is most often related to problems with

posture, your spine's structure, repeated or prolonged strains or motions, as well as injury or trauma. Using both X-rays and a physical examination, your doctor of chiropractic will carefully check the curve of your spinal column, the nerves between the spinal bones, and the overall balance of your head and shoulders to determine the cause of your pain.

How does chiropractic address the cause? After a thorough examination, a chiropractor can find the underlying cause of your pain by carefully examining your health history and the curvature of your spine, including the cervical area that comprises your neck. The chiropractor then makes a series of adjustments to improve spinal structure, reduce nerve stress and restore proper alignment and spacing, thus eliminating the neck pain - all done without drugs and without invasive procedures.