Beavercreek Chiropractic & Injury Treatment Center

Physical Therapy

Hydroworx leg massageWe leaped in to the 21st Century with our Underwater Treadmill. We use a Hydroworx 1000 Aquatic Therapy Pool in circuit with advanced rehabilitation equipment. We are the Miami Valley areas most advanced rehabilitation facility.The Hydrowork 1000 is a revolutionary state of the art therapy system that allows the patient to be in a weightless environment. It can place a pre and post surgical patient into an environment to where there is less stress in joints and muscles and recovery time is shortened. Rehabilitation can begin much quicker with this passive and active range of motion.

Hydroworx Leg MassageDeep tissue massage - The water temperature at 93 degrees allows for the reduction in spasms and increased circulation. The pool is equipped with a water massage producing up to 400 gallons per minute of deep tissue massage. The treadmill is a 7.5 m.p.h. treadmill under water, which the jets can pump 400 gallons per minute for resistance. This is unique to the Miami Valley area. 

Water Jet Massage Underwater Tread Mill Hydroworx 1000