Beavercreek Chiropractic & Injury Treatment Center

Common Treatments

We offer the most wide ranging professional Chiropractic treatments  available in the greater metro Dayton area, to include the following;

Strengthening Joint Mobilization
Back Flexion Exercise Program Extra Spinal Manipulation
Back extension Exercise Program Activities of Daily Living
Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization Program Ultrasound
Posture, Position & Body Mechanics Electric Stimulation
Knee Rehabilitation Program Moist Heat
Shoulder Rehabilitation and Stabilization Programs Whirlpool Massage
Orthopedic and Surgical Training Programs Myofascial Release
Acceleration and Sports Training Programs Soft Tissue Mobilization
Spinal Rehabilitation Programs Cryo Therapy
Spinal Manipulation Tens
Aquatic Therapy Inter segmental Traction
Gait Analysis and Training Exercise Programs
Massage Therapy Aggressive Resistive
Home Programs Reconditioning Programs